Friday's game true throwback to Orioles Magic

So much for Friday the 13th. Last night Orioles magic took over on the unluckiest day of the year. I guess the Birds didn't get the memo that bad things were supposed to happen.

The win over the Pirates was kind of ironic, considering last night was throwback night at the Yard commemorating the 1979 season--You know; the one the Orioles lost to the Pirates. It was a little weird to celebrate a World Series appearance in which the O's lost. I'd bet the house that the Yankees don't celebrate their 2001 World Series loss to the Diamondbacks.

The whole point of it though was to remember how special that season was. Even though they didn't win the World Series, their continuous come-from-behind-wins made the ride to the WS magic for the fans. It was the year "Orioles Magic" was born.

As a native Marylander, my reaction when the players took the field in the throwback uniforms shocked me. I knew they were going to be wearing them, but when I saw the uniforms, I actually got goosebumps. It sounds cheesy, but I haven't seen those uniforms in motion since I was a kid. It brought back great memories. It really was as if we all went back in time, and I felt like a kid watching the game with my dad.

The throwback was fitting, considering this season is shaping up to be an "Orioles Magic" renaissance. As Scottie McGregor told me, this team's grit is very similar to the 1979 Birds. They don't quit until 27-outs are recorded, and it's been very exciting to watch.

A case in point---last night. The O's fought back from down 5-runs for the comeback win. Maybe history sometimes can repeat itself.