In the heat of the moment...

Fenway Park is a tough place to play; that's what makes last night's 10-6 win over the Red Sox all the sweeter for the Orioles. The win ensures this 3-city road swing is a success. The worst the Birds can finish is 5-4.

Yesterday was so hot in Boston, I must have been delirious when I wrote down Freddie Bynum's 2nd inning double twice on my score card. I like Freddie, but I can't just give him extra doubles. He was very happy when I reported on MASN that he had two of the Orioles five doubles on the night. In reality, he only had one---let the correction stand.

But back to the heat. Just as I was sitting in the MASN broadcast booth thinking how hot it was and how nice it will be to get off the road, Hall of Famer Eddie Murray comes walking into the booth. I had never met him before, but I remember how big of a deal it was for me as a kid to sit down the first-base line at Memorial Stadium and stare at him for 9 innings.

Baseball reporters like me spend a lot of time focusing on how much of a grind the season can be. It's easy to get into a funk. There are moments, however, when reality slaps you in the face, and you realize how blessed you are to have the job we have. I had one of those moments last night in Boston. I realized, Mike Flanagan was sitting to my right and Eddie Murray was in front of me. How many people get to sit at a ballgame with their childhood idols? I thought, 'This life is pretty cool.'

Being the dork that I am, I told Flanagan about my "moment". He didn't think it was dorky, and told me he had a similar experience meeting Ted Williams. He said he was so in awe of baseball's greatest hitter that he turned into a blubbering idiot when Williams asked him a question. I guess even our idols have idols.