Tejada's first visit to Baltimore since trade brings mixed reactions

Miguel Tejada returned to Camden Yards as an Astro last night and went 0-for. The Baltimore crowd didn't receive the former Oriole All-Star very well. From his first at-bat until his last, Tejada was booed by the crowd.

It's understandable. Tejada made it clear he didn't want to be an Oriole and demanded to be traded in both the 2005 and 2006 off-seasons. Baltimore fans have no tolerance for athletes who don't want to play here. Tejada shouldn't have been surprised at the reception.

Interestingly, Tejada holds Orioles club records for most RBI (150), hits (214) and doubles (50, tied with Brian Roberts) in a season. Still, it's doubtful he'll ever be mentioned as an "Oriole Great" by fans and media. There's a sense in this town that with Tejada's trade demands and questionable moral standards (i.e. steroids investigations), he isn't worthy of that title. The same is true for Rafael Palmeiro. It's as if their off-the-field actions have erased their on-field achievements while wearing the orange and black. Still, they are both in the record books.

When Tejada was traded, the biggest concern was that the O's lineup would be lacking power. Well, it seems they haven't missed a beat. Luke Scott came over in that trade and has hit 11HR this year. Tejada has just 9HR. Plus, you have to consider the major contributions Matt Albers and Dennis Sarfate have made to the O's bullpen. They also came to Baltimore in the Tejada trade.

Somebody should have warned Tejada to be careful what he wishes for. He said he wanted to be traded because he wanted to win. Well, his wish came true---he was traded, but to a team that is currently 5-games under .500. Meanwhile the O's are 1-game over .500 without him.