Call it cliché, but the '83 O's had exceptional chemistry

The 1983 World Series Championship celebration last night was nicely done.

I sat in a pre-game press conference with several members of the team including players I haven't seen or thought of since the 80's, such as Dan Ford and Jim Dwyer. Seeing those guys really brought back memories of how into the Orioles we [kids] were back then.

Eddie Murray was like a real life superhero to us. I remember watching games enamored with how big his afro was. At 5 years old, I'd sit in awe wondering how his hat stayed on his head, while my sister imitated his stretches at first base.

The key to that '83 team was chemistry. At least that was the word all the former players kept using last night. It tends to be very cliché; after all, every winning team has chemistry. This team, however, might have had exceptional chemistry.

The camaraderie was still obvious 25 years later.

Last night, after the cameras stopped rolling and members of the '83 team stepped down from the podium, laughter erupted in the auxiliary clubhouse. Eddie Murray and Scottie McGregor began busting on Rick Dempsey for hogging the microphone in the question and answer session, while Cal Ripken grabbed up Tippy Martinez in a half bear hug, half headlock move.

It immediately turned into a flashback scene from inside the O's clubhouse in '83. The players, who are now grown men, looked like carefree kids as they joked and teased each other. Witnessing that, it made sense why Ken Singleton said yesterday, "We all played as one."