What we all saw coming in the O's-Yankees finale

It was unanimous in the Yankee Stadium press box: Edwar Ramirez's "wild pitch" thrown at Kevin Millar's head Wednesday was intentional.

The media knew it, Ramirez knew it, and the home plate umpire Mark Wegner knew it. That's why he did not hesitate to throw Ramirez out of the game. Wegner ejected the pitcher without issuing any type of warning. It was that obvious.

The move clearly was retribution for Daniel Cabrera hitting Alex Rodriquez in the 8th inning of last night's game. That particular beaming was not intentional. Anybody who's followed Cabrera's career knows he can tend to get a little wild. After all, he leads the American League in hit batsmen.

Even Alex Rodriguez knew it was an accident. Check the tape. A-Rod reacted as if there was nothing more to it. If he thought it was intentional, A-Rod would be the first to cry about it.

It was simply a wild pitch, and I was surprised to see Chad Fairchild throw Cabrera out so quickly. Apparently Dave Trembley was shocked as well. He made his displeasure known.

As for the Ramirez incident in the series finale, the timing was classless. The score was 9-2 Yankees in the 6th inning. You don't beam bean a batter when your team is up by that many runs.

Ramirez might not have been ejected had Yankee manager Joe Girardi kept his mouth shut after last night's game. Girardi told reporters, "He's done this before. I don't like it. He was down in the zone all night and you just don't like it. It's happened a few times with this guy, Daniel Cabrera."

Gee---did he think umpires don't read newspapers? They were waiting for a Yankee pitcher to so much as sneeze on an Oriole batter.