Jones Standing Tall in 2009

Adam Jones has cut the self proclaimed fro-hawk he sported this offseason, but the 23-year-old doesn't want to shed something else he developed over the winter; about 20 pounds of muscle and two inches, height wise, on the old growth chart.

Jones moved to Arizona and began training at Athlete's Performance Institute in Tempe last winter. It's the same high rent athletic performance facility where Brian Roberts, Dustin Pedroia and numerous other Big Leaguers spend their winters.

The physical benefits of Jones' new winter workout facility are obvious.

Some of the growth spurt is attributed to the fact that Jones could still be growing. Mostly though, he said it's because A.P.I. focuses on postural development. In other words, trainers gave him a workout regimen that developed and lengthened his back and core muscles. The result is Jones is actually standing up straighter.

Now that sounds exciting, but the reality is, most of us could care less if he's the Hunchback of Notre Dame as long as he continues to play highlight reel defense in center and continues to grow into the offensive threat scouts believe he can be at the plate.

That will have us all standing up a bit taller.