Bergesen proves pace matters

It's amazing how the Orioles offense heats up again when they have a pitcher on the mound who works fast, gets quick outs and gets his defense back in the dugout.

Last night Brad Bergesen set the tone with his fast pace in the first three innings. The result was a 2-hour 41 minute game. A fast pace game was key after a one-hour 35 minute rain delay.

Aubrey Huff said in between pitches he'd look down, kick the dirt around at first base, and as soon as he looked up Bergesen was already in his windup.

The players behind him liked that. Huff, Brian Roberts and Nick Markakis all commented on how an efficient pitching performance can have a positive affect on a team's defensive and offensive production.

It keeps the defense on their toes, and that energy translates to offense when the inning changes. The result last night was a 12-hit, 10-run effort by the Orioles.