Twelve Pitchers Works for Some

I know there are some veterans in the bullpen who support Andy MacPhail and Dave Trembley's decision to go with twelve pitchers.

Yesterday I met with some of the players who felt strongly about the issue, but didn't want to voice their opinions publically before a decision was made.

The feeling was there was no need for thirteen pitchers early on, and usually if thirteen are kept on the roster, one guy doesn't get any innings for the first couple weeks.

Last year, if you remember, that guy was Greg Aquino. There was stretch from April 15th to April 27th where he didn't pitch for twelve days straight. Shortly after, he was sent to the minors.

Here's the catch to keeping twelve pitchers. There's not a reliever in the world that will tell you they want to be overused, and more so used consistently out of their designated role. If the Orioles' starters struggle early on this season, we could see relievers putting in multiple innings. That's never good for a bullpen that has so many pitchers coming off injuries.

If that situation does present itself, the good news is there are pitchers in the minors like Rhadames Liz who can be called up to give the pen fresh arms.