Huff Got it Right

Aubrey Huff's imitation of Joba Chamberlain's signature fist pump on Sunday was well done.

Huff pumped his fist twice in Chamberlain's direction while running around the bases after hitting a three-run homer off the Yankee pitcher on Mother's Day.

Some argue Huff was 'showing Chamberlain up'. That wasn't the case at all. In fact, it was the opposite.

Huff, who never celebrates excessively or hot dogs around the bases, was sending a message: it's not cool to show people up in this league. The imitation was to give Chamberlain a taste of his own medicine--and have a little fun doing it.

It's no secret that many players around the league don't appreciate Chamberlain's overly enthusiastic celebrations after what usually are meaningless strikeouts on very good pitches.

It's okay to get caught in the emotion and pump your fist if you strike someone out late in a one-run game with the bases loaded. That's understandable, but c'mon--every strikeout?

If it wasn't Huff yesterday, then somebody else would have done something eventually. You have to wonder though how Chamberlain's teammates took the gesture. A pretty classy player like Derek Jeter probably let it go, because he knew Huff had a point.

We'll see how the Yankees respond when Chamberlain is scheduled to take the mound May 21st against the Birds in New York. Let's hope he took the gesture as nothing more than a suggestive hint--tone it down. Chamberlain needs to remember, baseball is a humbling game.

Now, if Huff could just get a three-run homer off Boston's Jonathan Papelbon, I'd love to see Huff's fist pump into an Irish jig impression.