Wieters exciting but human

It's natural for fans to be excited to see Matt Wieters make his MLB debut on Friday.

The Orioles haven't had a long-term offensive-minded catcher since Chris Hoiles, and Wieters is expected to be a major piece of the puzzle going forward.

However, as Andy MacPhail pointed out, "It's important to temper those expectations a bit." Dave Trembley added, "Let's just let him play."

I agree. We all need to back off just a bit, and give the prospect time to find his footing in the big leagues without the spotlight glaring in his face.

Sure, Wieters was listed as Baseball America's number one prospect this year, and yes, he has breezed through the minor leagues. There's every indication that he has star potential, but he has yet to face a big league pitcher. Unrealistic expectations can weigh heavily on any prospect.

As Terry Crowley pointed out, this is a tough league and the difference between success and failure at the plate is hitting the ball three out of every ten at bats versus two out of every ten. The margin for error is that slim.

The pitchers at this level are the best in the world. They throw more strikes, more strikes to different parts of the plate, and a greater variety of pitches in different counts than in the minor leagues. Any player, no matter how talented, will have an adjustment period.

Just look at the Orioles' current stars. None of them were the players they are today out of the gate. Through their first fifty games in the majors, Adam Jones was batting .224 and Nick Markakis was hitting just .227.

Wieters will make his mark. In due time.