Jinx or Not, Sherrill on a Roll

Baseball players just might be the most superstitious of all professional athletes. That was very apparent Tuesday night when George Sherrill was joking around with a reporter from MLB.com after the game.

The closer referred back to an interview he had earlier that day with the writer. In that interview, the reporter pointed out the fact that Sherrill had not given up an earned run in ten appearances. The streak dated back to May 2nd.

Guess when the streak ended? A couple of hours later that same night in the ninth inning. Gee thanks.

Even though Sherrill gave up an earned run Tuesday night, he still walked away with his twelfth save of the year, and the Orioles got the win.

Sherrill has been lights out since Dave Trembley publically challenged his closer's job security. In George's last thirteen appearances, he's lowered his ERA from 5.06 to 0.69. I'd say that's stepping up to the challenge.

When I talked to Sherrill about the situation, he seemed to believe Trembley wasn't ever whole heartedly ready to yank the job from him. Looking back, the lefty instead felt it was a ploy to give him a shot in the arm.

Whatever it was, it worked. Sherrill has been a beast. His response to the adversity hasn't surprised me. I've always thought George had a tremendous mental makeup. That's just based on interviews with him after good and bad outings.

When people use the cliché "he has ice water running through his veins", that really is true, but it's been nice to be reminded of just how much of a competitor Sherrill is.