Jones Over Trade

Adam Jones doesn't the sweat the Mariners anymore. He used to, just a bit, but not anymore.

Posting the sixth best batting average in the American League is a good way to show he's moved on, and is quite happy where he is today.

It's funny how success can help a person overcome hurt. Even though Adam was never vocal about feeling slighted when he was traded from Seattle to Baltimore, he definitely took it to heart.

There were mixed emotions. Jones saw it as an opportunity to play everyday in Baltimore, but he also dealt with the reality that the team who had high hopes for him saw him as expendable.

His brother, Anson, who is visiting Jones in Seattle, told me Adam was a little perturbed when he went from first round draft pick to one-fifth of a five-for-one trade to Baltimore.

Adam admitted when he first returned to Safeco Field as an Oriole last year, he wanted to play well so the Mariners might regret getting rid of him.

This year Jones has matured both as a ballplayer and a person, and tells me he could care less about proving anything to the Mariners. He says he now sees them as just another road team.

Funny thing is, last year; the Mariners may have still felt justified in trading Jones. He hit a little bit, but still had yet to prove he could live up to the expectations surrounding a first round draft pick.

This year, they have to be banging their heads against the wall.

The Orioles definitely won in that trade.