Mora Moves Down in Lineup

Melvin Mora told me he doesn't care where he hits in the lineup, but obviously he doesn't feel he belongs in the seventh spot. He said he's always hit second or third in his career and we've seen the type of career he's had as a hitter.

As Dave Trembley said last month, Mora is a guy who had made a living hitting with two outs, two strikes, and runners in scoring position.

The reality is though, Melvin isn't hitting with runners in scoring position lately. His RBI numbers have decreased monthly this season. In April he knocked in nine runs. In May, Mora drove in six runs, and so far in June, he's only driven three runners in.

That's a total of just eighteen RBI's as compared to this time last year when Mora had thirty eight RBI's.

So for now Melvin moves to the seventh spot, but he told me he knows he'll hit his way out of this. Melvin said he's sure he'll be where he needs to be numbers wise by the end of the year.

Honestly, he was quite relaxed about the move. That was a good sign. I think it shows he's a very confident player. He told me as long as the team is winning, he doesn't care where his name is in the lineup.