O's RISP Not Scoring

How frustrating was it to see the Orioles leave the bases loaded in the first inning of Friday's game against the Braves?

With a rookie pitcher on the mound (Tommy Hanson), and the bags juiced that early in the game, the O's have got to attack. It was a huge missed opportunity, and reminiscent of the night before against the Mariners.

In the first inning of Thursday's game, the O's had gotten to Garrett Olson early thanks to a Luke Scott home run. They had a chance to really get after the lefty as it was obvious he was struggling to find the strike zone.

That didn't happen. Instead of having what looked sure to be a big inning, the O's left two runners on base.

It's hard to win games when situations like that aren't taken advantage of. In my opinion, Olson could have been knocked out much earlier in the game had the O's not let him off the hook. Perhaps the same can be said for Hanson tonight---we'll see.

The inability to score runs has paralyzed the O's offense. Who cares if they get a hit or two an inning and walk away with a respectable number of hits in the game? If none of those hits translates into runs, they're useless.

Here's how bad it's been ; in their last eleven games the Orioles are last in the American League in on base percentage, runs, extra base hits and batting average with runners in scoring position.

The O's have to pull out of this funk soon. The hitters are too good for this to continue.