Where's Wiggy?

Ty Wigginton was not in the lineup Tuesday despite going 3-for-4 with two homers and three RBI's on Sunday (O's had Monday off). Many in the media thought that was odd. Apparently so did Wigginton, but he clearly didn't have any intentions of becoming vocal about his displeasure.

He looked cautious as he professionally answered questions when he was cornered by reporters before the game. It was clear Ty believes his role here in Baltimore is different than what he expected it to be.
It's understandable why. During spring training Dave Trembley was very excited about Wigginton. He loved his work ethic, and loved the way he played the game---hard. Trembley said Wigginton would be a "regular player". The skipper defined regular as playing five days a week.
When asked about getting Wigginton more at bats going forward Dave Trembley said:
"I've kind of gone in both directions with him," Trembley said. "Earlier in the year, people were asking me if I felt I was going to be able to get him enough at-bats. Then, when I was getting him a lot of at-bats, I was getting asked, 'Are you using him too much?' I think when all is said and done, he'll have a lot of at-bats." Trembley added, "I see him as a guy who's had a regular amount of at-bats. I don't think anybody can dispute that. I think what I've done is I've stuck with guys when they haven't done so well, and I've put guys back out there when they do well. Over the course of a long season it all evens out."
Wigginton is 4-for-8 on the homestand. He has batted .297 with a .595 slugging percentage against the Mets in 37 career at bats.
Also, he's notoriously been a slow starter, but has hit no less than 22 homers in each of his last two seasons. June is usually when he heats up.
He signed a two year deal with the Orioles last offseason. Could he be trade bait?