Cla Meredith throws like Cal?

Cla Meredith made his Orioles debut in the seventh inning of Wednesday's game against the Yankees.

The first thing you notice about the five year major league veteran is his sidearm delivery. It's very deceptive.

Where did he get it from?

Meredith told me growing up in Richmond, Va. he watched the Orioles on what was then Home Team Sports. Like most kids of that era, his favorite player was Cal Ripken Jr.

Meredith says his sidearm delivery was somewhat influenced by Ripken. The 26-year-old righty would mimic the way Ripken threw ground balls to first. Ripken had that very distinct style of throwing, and it makes sense he could have influenced young side arm pitchers.

For the record, Meredith had a solid inning after he hit the first batter he faced at Yankee Stadium. He struck out one and allowed a hit while giving up no earned runs Wednesday afternoon.

The hope is Meredith will be a big contributor out of the bullpen, especially against righties in the second half of the season.