If Sherrill Goes....What Next?

Sure it's premature, but that's what we bloggers do--throw out scenarios, speculation, and hypothetical situations.

The Major League Baseball trade deadline is approaching (4:00 p.m. Friday, July 31) and it seems the Oriole drawing the most interest from clubs around the league is George Sherrill.

Fox Sports is reporting as many as eight teams are interested in the lefty reliever, including the White Sox, Angels and Dodgers.

Thinking forward--what happens if the Orioles do trade Sherrill? It's assumed Jim Johnson would be the closer.

The question is--how will Johnson perform in this role if called upon?

Despite a rocky July, in my opinion, Johnson has the perfect makeup to be a closer. In the first half of the season we saw him attack hitters, putting them away with pitches that took serious confidence and guts to throw. He has a killer mentality on the mound, but his emotions are tempered after each outing. In other words, he has the ability to forget a bad outing and approach the next appearance as if he put zeros up the night before.

When asked about the prospect of closing, Jim told me that it would obviously be the natural progression for him, and that every relief pitcher wants to be a late inning guy.

It's high pressure and as competitive as it gets. Of course it's a job where you either get it done or not. There's no in between.

Johnson wants the ball in those exact situations. He's a good man for the job.