Angels Big Test for O's Rookie Arms

With the Angels in town, Orioles rookie pitchers Chris Tillman and Brian Matusz are going to face the toughest offensive team they've seen to date. It's a real chance to show they can get the best hitters in baseball out.

But---they are going to see a barrage of tough veteran hitters who'll come to the plate in waves. There really are no weak points in the Angels lineup, so the rookies will have to battle constantly.

Just to give you an idea of how good L.A. is offensively, six out of nine batters in tonight's lineup are batting over .300. Vladimir Guerrero is not included in that group. He's batting .299. It's pretty clear why the Angles are leading the American League in team batting average.

Tillman and Matusz are going to have to find ways to get out of jams if they do allow runners to reach base. It won't be easy. The Angels not only are hitting .308 with runners in scoring position, tonight's lineup is hitting .328 with runners in scoring position and two outs.

They're patient and experienced. It's going to be good for the O's young pitchers to get out there these next two nights and get a look at the type of talent they'll have to face if they're going to pitch in the big leagues.