Wieters Catching Matusz Good Move

I'm glad Dave Trembley has decided to give Brian Matusz something Tuesday that he didn't afford Chris Tillman in the rookie's major league debut last Wednesday--Matt Wieters behind the plate.

Now this opinion has nothing to do with Gregg Zaun. His expertise and knowledge behind the plate has been a huge asset in helping these young pitchers transition to the major leagues.

But--Wieters needs to be out there on days when the organization is introducing the future.

Why bring Wieters up, thrust him into the spotlight, and then pull him out on a day when all eyes are on the Orioles?

Unlike Tillman, Matusz only worked with Wieters in spring training. He never played with Wieters in the minor leagues, so the move is not about giving the lefty a catcher he's comfortable with on Tuesday. It is, however, about the organization making a statement. Here they are: two back-to-back first round draft picks in "The Show" in less than two years.

It's about sending the message to the fans: these are pieces of the puzzle we are putting in place. This is why things are going to get better.

This year is all about turning the page to the future. What better way to do that than to showcase your first-round draft pick catcher behind the plate each and every time a young arm makes a debut.

These are the battery mates of the future.

Tillman made the comment after Monday night's game that he was more comfortable behind the plate in his second start, and a big reason was because Wieters was catching.

Those comments are good to hear, and it will be exciting to watch Matusz start building what could be an exciting relationship with Wieters on Tuesday.