Zaun & Guthrie: So Happy Together

Interesting note about Jeremy Guthrie: he's 6-1 with Gregg Zaun behind the plate.

For the record, Guthrie is 7-10 overall, so the right-hander has only notched one win when Zaun has not been behind the plate. That's a big difference.

It's quite ironic considering Dave Trembley put Chad Moeller behind the plate every time Guthrie pitched earlier in the season.

It was clear that Zaun and Guthrie were two strong personalities, and it seemed that both were committed to doing their own thing when working together. The result was Guthrie shaking Zaun off a lot.

Trembley never officially named Moeller as Guthrie's personal catcher, but it was pretty obvious that was the direction it was heading.

All of the sudden mid-season, Trembley started using Zaun to catch Guthrie and the results were obvious. According to the numbers, if the two veterans ever had problems, they've been ironed out now.

Guthrie and Zaun are definitely on the same page. The 30-year-old is 6-1 with a 4.44 ERA when Zaun is behind the plate. He is just is 1-9 with a 6.07 ERA with all other catchers.

Coincidence? Maybe. Trembley said there's no way to explain it. He said it's the same as asking why certain players have great numbers against certain teams. They just do.

Whatever it is, if I were managing the O's, I'd trot Zaun out there every fifth day when Guthrie takes the mound. It's always smart to keep a good thing going.