Glaring Holes in O's Lineup

It's not as if everyone watching O's games lately hasn't noticed how much this club is in desperate need of a power hitter. It's impossible to compete in the AL East without one---and even one might not be enough, especially when teams like the Yankees have anywhere from four to six big boppers in the lineup at any time.

Tuesday in Toronto the Orioles did a great job of manufacturing two runs in the third inning. The first two runners got on base with a double and a single. Then one scored on a RBI single from Brian Roberts and the other run scored on a sacrifice fly by Felix Pie. O's were up 2-0.

Next half inning Blue Jays Aaron Hill and Edwin Encarnacion tied the score up on back to back homers. The homers came on back to back pitches as well. So within two pitches the score was tied. Seems like a much more efficient way to score runs don't you think?

Andy MacPhail has been open about the fact he will be looking to acquire a power hitter in the offseason. The question is who will that be? Also---how much money will the O's be willing to spend?

Some big offensive names are available like Matt Holliday, Vladimir Guerrero, and Jason Bay. We'll see what, if any, interest the O's show in such free agents.

Of course---I do need to mention---the Orioles young pitchers need to come through next year, plus I'd bet the O's add at least one free agent starter this offseason. If the pitching doesn't dramatically improve, it doesn't matter how many power hitters they have---the losing with continue.