Players React to Trembley News

When a team is in last place in the division and just coming off a thirteen-game losing streak, news that the man who oversaw the whole implosion will keep his job is going to come with mixed reactions.

Walking into the Orioles clubhouse after Andy MacPhail announced Dave Trembley will be back in 2010, mixed emotions were exactly what were found.

Some players were happy and felt Trembley deserved a chance to win with some better players next year. Nick Markakis told me Trembley was in a "tough situation" with the injuries and loss of key players to trades.

Some players were indifferent, or at least unwilling to comment while others were vocal, off the record of course, about their displeasure. There was a belief amongst some that the Orioles needed to start anew in 2010, and that meant with a new manager.

Regardless of individual opinions, Trembley will be at the helm in 2010 and young players like Matt Wieters and Adam Jones told me its up to the players to find ways to win next year. Trembley can only do so much. The bottom line is they have to play better.

It was interesting to hear MacPhail say that from here forward Trembley will be judged on wins and losses. I wonder at what point will he be judged? Two months into the 2010 season? At the All-Star break?

I suppose we'll wait and see.