Is the O's outfield the best in AL?

Tuesday night we saw Felix Pie, Adam Jones and Nick Markakis make highlight reel catches in the outfield.

Buck Showalter said he feels great "running those three out there" everyday. On any given night they could produce a SportsCenter webgem.

Adam Jones said the trio is really confident as a group.

"As far as arm strength is concerned, I'd put us up against any outfield in the American League," Jones said.

When asked who'd be second, he said the Rangers' outfield when it consists of Nelson Cruz (when healthy), Josh Hamilton, and David Murphy.

For the record, the Rangers' outfield (with Cruz, Hamilton, and Murphy) has 17 assists on the season. Markakis, Jones and Pie combine for 16.

Do you agree with Jones? Do the O's have the best outfield in the American League, particularly when it comes to arm strength? Where do you rank the O's outfield as far as arm accuracy or range?