Red Sox GM search could interfere with O's (plus chicken and beer in the clubhouse)

The Birds' general manager search coupled with the news of Orioles director of scouting Joe Jordan's departure gives O's fans the uneasy feeling there's nobody piloting the plane right now.

We are stuck in the movie "Airplane" and Kareem Abdul Jabbar just passed out at the controls in his L.A. Laker shorts.

It's a feeling that should be temporary. The transition should warrant some excitement. Obviously, when a team continues to lose under one regime, a change is in order. Plus, I'd love to see what kind of front office executives are hired with Buck Showalter's input.

Other clubs are in the same boat as the O's - namely the Red Sox who are searching for not only a new general manager as of Wednesday, but also a new manager.

We'll watch and wait to see whose names surface on the list of both team's candidates. Boston's search could definitely interfere with the O's. If the two clubs go after the same person, the Orioles face the same challenges they do in free agency. It's hard to lure a candidate to Baltimore over Boston.

In the meantime, I can't help but react to the article everyone in baseball is talking about.

Most of you have read Bob Hohler's piece in Wednesday's Boston Globe. The article attributes Boston's historic September collapse to three star pitchers' eating habits amongst a number of other clubhouse issues:

"The indifference of (Josh) Beckett, (Jon) Lester, and (John) Lackey in a time of crisis can be seen in what team sources say became their habit of drinking beer, eating fast-food fried chicken, and playing video games in the clubhouse during games while their teammates tried to salvage a once-promising season," Hohler wrote.

It really is a must-read. In the same breath, Hohler points to Terry Francona's marital problems as a distraction.

To me, the story is sensational and it breaks every rule of baseball reporting. You don't expose what players do in their private domain, unless what you witness is illegal.

Plus ...

If eating fried chicken in the clubhouse leads to losing, then we now know why Sidney Ponson never lived up to his multi-million dollar contract.

If drinking beer in the clubhouse leads to historic team collapses in September, then no team in the history of the major leagues would ever have made the playoffs.

If divorce and/or marital problems distract managers, coaches or players, then we'd have a bunch of mentally preoccupied zombies daily on the field. We're talking about a sport where the divorce rate is astronomical. Even the reporters who cover it have a high divorce rate because of the schedule.

Boston fans are craving a witch hunt and Hohler ignited the torches.

When the Red Sox first visit to Baltimore next year, will we see the O's send buckets of KFC chicken and cases of Natty Boh to the visiting clubhouse?

Showalter now knows the secret to crumbling the big bad Sox lies within The Colonel.