Gregg getting it done

When I first met Kevin Gregg in spring training in Sarasota, Fla., I was immediately impressed with his demeanor. He was polite, engaging, confident and eager to help the Orioles move up in the standings. As the season has progressed, Gregg has proven to be effective as the Orioles closer despite "living on the edge" in several save opportunities. Gregg has his style and he ... read more

It's all about the series

With the Major League Baseball season being a 162-game marathon, every team strives to maintain consistency which hopefully leads first to being competitive and then to being a contender. And with consistency the goal, every team also has the same approach: Win as many series over the course of the six-month season as possible. Managers for all 30 major league teams follow the edict, "Let's ... read more

Feeling fine with five

When the Orioles opened the 2011 season, it was expected the offense would be greatly improved and, as a result, the team would score more runs. Even with the slow start at the plate, I still expect that will be the case. The everyday lineup has too many proven hitters with consistent track records. But the slow start does highlight the importance of how scoring ... read more

Gonzalez settling in as a set up man

The Orioles signed Michael Gonzalez to a two-year contract this offseason. He got off to a shaky start with his new team because he was injured. Since his return from the disabled list, Michael has had a change in his role. He was signed to be a closer, but has been in more of a set up role recently. He doesn't think he's at ... read more

Fox adjusting to a part-time role

Jake Fox is the O's super utility player, but has been rarely used since being acquired from the Oakland Athletics. Jim asked Jake about staying sharp in his part-time role and how he's adjusted to his role. Jake thinks his versatility is beneficial to the Orioles. For more of Jake's thoughts, watch the video below. ... read more

Showalter's O's looking for strong finish

There's no question the Orioles are a different team since Buck Showalter took over as manager on August 3. Showalter has pointed out that he has had the benefits of a healthy roster with key players like Brian Roberts contributing to the success. And while that is accurate, Showalter's contributions to the improved consistency and winning are critical. With a three-year contract, the players ... read more

Pitch selection, execution key to cutting down on homers

The Orioles' starting staff has given up 10 home runs in their last 12 games, and Kevin Millwood has been victimized this season, giving up a staff-high 26 home runs in 2010. Jim asked pitching coach Rick Kranitz about the amount of home runs that the O's staff has given up this season, and Kranitz said that pitch selection and execution are paramount to ... read more

Scott surging since the All-Star Break

Luke Scott has been prone to slumps since he's been with the Orioles. But this season, Scott has been more consistent at the plate. Jim asks Scott what could be behind his improved consistency and if there's been a change in his swing. Scott talks about his approach and the reason for the amount of home runs he's hit this year. Watch the video ... read more