Thanks to the Fans & the O's Xtra Crew

Now that the 2009 season is complete, I wanted to take a moment to reflect and to thank the Orioles fans and the crew at O's Xtra.

For the past 6 months O's Xtra set the scene and recapped the action of the Orioles games. We were able to really get to know the Orioles players and get a glimpse of what we all hope will be a positive future on the field.

Dozens of hard working professionals allow us to push the envelope and strive to give the O's fans an entertaining product. Rick Dempsey and I are in the forefront, being on camera for the broadcasts, but it is the dedicated work of the crew that allows us have fun, and entertain the fans. It takes hours of planning and editing and producing to bring the shows to the fans each game.

When O's Xtra is televised from the ballpark picnic area, we enjoy the fans gathering around and showing their support for the team. Their enthusiasm in mugging for a chance to get on camera is a joy to watch and experience.


All of us at MASN believe we give the fans the best product of any regional sports network televising baseball in the country, but we are never satisfied. We are always looking to improve as we bring information on the Orioles to the fans. We are here for the fans and we never take that for granted.

So my heartfelt thanks to our studio crew. Coordinating Producer Lya Vallat. O's Xtra Producer Adam Martiyan and Director Michael Phillips.


And the heart and soul of the show, the O's Xtra crew. Kal Patel, Fred Genau, Andre Cormier, Jimmy Hunter, Mike Sormanti, Tyson Sapre, Brian "The Bear" Steedley, Nick Colley, Mary Miller, Zach Wilt, Jeff "Stat Boy" Satterfield, and Amanda Dunaja.

Enjoy the off season and let's keep in touch.

Thanks again for all the support.