What do we overvalue and undervalue in baseball?

One great thing about the sport of baseball is it lends itself to many opinions about all aspects of the game. Some of us value strikeouts, whether they be a pitcher getting a lot of them or a hitter amassing too many. Some value homers, others like players more versed at attaining a high on-base percentage. They are all just opinions, but sometimes (hopefully here ... read more

The Orioles offense: Productive with homers, but don't expect a high OBP

When it comes to the Orioles offense, we pretty much know what we are going to get. They are going to score enough runs to win enough games to make the playoffs and they are going to do it with the longball and not as an offense that features variety. Despite some fans' constant calls for better on-base percentage and more working the count, the ... read more

Any reason to be concerned about Zach Britton?

It seems that after the playoffs, some Orioles fans are concerned about Zach Britton - and those concerns have something to do with Jim Johnson. The thinking goes that when Johnson struggled at times during the 2012 playoffs, those carried over to his 2013 season when he saved 50 games, but suffered nine costly blown saves that led to his departure from the team. Britton ... read more

Can one pitcher carry a team to the World Series title?

In the World Series, the San Francisco Giants are 2-0 when Madison Bumgarner has started and 1-2 when anyone else has. Since the start of the National League Championship Series, the Giants are 4-0 when Bumgarner starts and 3-3 when anyone else has. The Giants have played 15 postseason games and Bumgarner has started six times. That begs these questions: Can a team ride one ... read more

Bundy, Harvey, Walker top Baseball America list of O's top 10 prospects

For the fourth year in a row, pitcher Dylan Bundy has been ranked the Orioles' No. 1 prospect by Baseball America, which released its latest list of the top 10 Orioles prospects today. You can read the full list here (subscription required). Last year, the top four prospects were all pitchers; this year, after the top two pitchers, the next three are position player prospects. ... read more

With new top 10 prospects list due today, Baseball America writer sizes up O's

Later today, Baseball America will release a new Orioles top 10 prospects list and we'll find out who's in and who's out. We know for certain that three members of last year's top 10 will not be on the list today. Kevin Gausman, who was No. 2, and Jonathan Schoop, who was No. 5, now have too much major league time to qualify for the ... read more

Around the AL East: Cashman is staying while Friedman and Maddon are leaving

The Orioles are going into the 2015 season in a position unfamiliar to them. They will be the chasee and not the chaser for the American League East title. The Orioles won 96 games this season and took the AL East for the first time since 1997. It was their ninth division championship. The Orioles clinched the division on Sept. 16, the second-earliest date in ... read more

A look at why the Orioles will fall when organizational rankings come out

When Baseball America and other publications that rank minor league prospects comes out with a new list of organizational rankings, the Orioles are likely to take a bit of a fall. These rankings take a look at the minor league systems around baseball and rate the current overall talent. ESPN rated the O's No. 10 before last season while Baseball America and Baseball Prospectus rated ... read more